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"Like Princes & Paupers" Paired Wine Dinner

Like princes and paupers, we come together over fine cuisine inspired by humble (some might say "low-brow") foods from around the world. To add to the irony, we'll be sipping world-class champagne! Imagine what Chef Brandon might do with, say... chicken wings? ...or something around fried rice? And to make it more fun, Thaddeus had carte blanch to go out and find the finest "farmer fizz" he could. A variety of beautifully bubbling Champagnes that were expertly crafted by the growers themselves. Several delightful dishes, each with their own distinctive nod to at least one cultural specialty, traditionally regarded as food for the common people. For the prince (or princess) and pauper in all of us, we come together in community around incredible stories and a delightful meal. While the final menu won't be ready until two weeks before the event, rest assured... it's gonna be good.

Princes & Paupers.jpg