The food we eat has a story behind it. Always. At FARM, we strive to ensure that everyone involved in the experience values the efforts of others who have contributed, and that each party walks away with a sense of pride in the story they are part of. We offer our humble thanks and respect to our farmers, our staff, our guests, and the community at large, understanding that if we honor each other’s values, we can all benefit.

We carefully select our partners based on a mutual respect for the land, the animals, and the people who tend to them. While some of the produce on our menu was grown by us on Williamson Lowcountry Farms, this endeavor would not be possible without a spirit of cooperation and a commitment to excellence upheld by many local purveyors.

Our culinary team is continually evolving the menu, taking inspiration from the seasonal bounty of local produce, cultural traditions from around the world, and contemporary culinary ideas.

Thank you for believing in our vision and supporting us in creating an ongoing positive impact, both in our community and beyond. We trust you will find your FARM experience engaging and fulfilling on many levels. Welcome to FARM.