As front-of-house lead, Josh Heaton supports the team in crafting a dining experience built on the principle that genuine hospitality is likely a better recipe for success…

(at least for the folks at FARM) …than an obsession with etiquette, protocol or convention. The crew loves to tell the stories behind what they serve and connect diners to the community. There is an undeniable energy that accompanies the passion they have for the dishes the culinary team dreams up. It’s obvious that Josh and his team love what they do. In particular, his enthusiasm around the liquid side of the meal works together with his creatively-inquisitive nature, bringing to life a one-of-a-kind beverage list.

Growing up in Southern California Josh explored and enjoyed nature, constantly chasing all sorts of outdoor adventure and experiences. Longing for an opportunity to put down roots on a piece of land, he relocated to Bluffton, SC in 2008. He had planned the garden before he arrived, but he had no idea where his passion for connecting with food and nature would take him. From homebrewing (beer & kombucha), to forest foraging (all sorts of fun fungi & flora), to farmers market stands (sharing handcrafted hummus, sampling the seasonal bounty & forging relationships that breath life into FARM to this day).

From a pizza joint, to a bagel shop, to a juice bar, to acting as a “mad scientist” at children’s birthday parties, Heaton funded his adventurous early years working in the service industry. But as he would put it “service is not an industry, it’s a spirit.” This passion for bringing people together over a tasty drink unfolded around his love for coffee. Over the course of 16 years, Josh harnessed the energy of Starbucks, its patrons and its partners, to facilitate an everyday experience about human connection. He found a secret tool (a simple beverage, really) to connect people to a story they never imagined was there. To take something that’s all-too-often taken for granted, and expose a layer of complexity that enriches what’s in the cup (or on the plate). As he ventured toward FARM with his partners, he realized his focus on this genuine connection would serve as an enriching backbone for the FARM experience. In preparation for opening, Heaton spent his time between Starbucks and FARM broadening his experience in the restaurant and bar world, diving deep into his passion for beer at World of Beer and honing his cocktail craft at Lucky Rooster.

When he’s not busy daydreaming about cocktails or scanning the forest floor for interesting mushrooms, Josh enjoys making music, tending to his garden and sharing as much time as he can with his two beautiful daughters.