Some of our favorite dining packages:


The way parties tend to dine at FARM: Sharing in the seasonal bounty and community spirit.  Lots of inventive dishes to try, but each guests gets to choose their own main attraction.

  • MIXED SMALL PLATES, SERVED FAMILY STYLE:  Four plates, thoughtfully selected to give your guests the true taste of FARM.
  • MAIN COURSE:  A seasonally inspired entrée; typically a seafood, vegetarian and meat option. Guest choice, night of.
  • DESSERT: You and your guests will enjoy two desserts; chef’s choice, served family style.




Our lightest seated dining option. Share a tasting menu that delights the masses but makes sure everyone feels a bit adventurous.

  • CHEF’S CHOICE, SERVED FAMILY STYLE:  Six dishes, thoughtfully selected by the chef to explore different flavors of the season at FARM.



Biscuit bar and omelette station.

  • Fresh eggs from our farmer’s market friends, and delicious seasonal veggies. Biscuits- straight out of the oven- and all sorts of stuff to go with ‘em. Sweet spreads, delicious meats, and, of course, gravy.